Epistula Instant Messenger

Date 16-Aug-2007 13:03:29
Topic: Software News

Epistula Instant Messenger - Release v52.13

Quick bug fix update, mainly to fix the bugs people submitted after the last update, so if you didn't submit anything, don't expect it to be fixed here.

Thanks to everyone who is submitting and updating bugs, I appreciate it.


Regarding the bug tracker website, I've taken heed of the requests for a simplified login system which I've now implemented. Simply log in the 'long way' and choose a password to allow a quick log in for the next time you visit.

Please, when submitting bugs, always use the '.debug' version of the Epistula executable as it will make my life a lot easier when searching for bugs.

Also, to the ~200 people who have downloaded the public keyfile, could the 198 people who haven't donated to the project please consider doing so, you know it makes sense

It is also worth mentioning that I've not included the NBitmap MCC in this archive as it is now officially compiled with the rest of the NList classes, and that I have included the updated catalog descriptor file for people wishing to translate Epistula to their chosen language.

As usual, it can be downloaded here.

Connection Details
Server: messenger.hotmail.com
Port: 1863

It is recommended that you backup your epistula.xml and msn.xml files and perform a full re-install of the package using the included installer.

Daniel Allsopp

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