ART Episode #7 - Amiga Amiga Super Happy Fun Hour

Date 19-Aug-2007 1:17:30
Topic: Announcement

Amiga Roundtable is back after a week vacation (Vacations are never long enough).
Streaming is scheduled for....

Tuesday August 21st, 2007 at 2pm & 4pm EDT on Amiga World Radio.
(20:00 and 22:00 CET/ mod note)

Show Notes? Oh yeah! We got that!

* Rich and Sean talk about an Amiga Inc/ email
* Ars Technica: History of Amiga Pt. 2
* Poseidon v3.8
* Unix trial: Novell wins! SCO loses
* Second album from Psyria in all stores now
* 3rd beta of Sputnik Web Browser available (MorphOS)
* Alternative Party 2007
* Java on C64 & Apple ][
* Vice 1.22 Updates
* AmiMSN 1.0
* Epistula Instant Messenger
* ffmpegGUI v0.6
* Amiga Future: New Full Versions Online
* AmiKit Wallpaper Contest - the deadline is approaching
* OpenSSH 4.6p1-1
* Spot's Porting for Dummies 1.7.1 released!

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