Big Amiga Future Article Update

Date 29-Aug-2007 14:15:37
Topic: Announcement

The article database of the Amiga Future homepage has seen a comprehensive update.

By now you can read over 2000 articles online in the article database.

Roughly 150 of these are in English language.

The German FAQ has been included in the article database aswell. The FAQ contains more than 200 submissions.


We are looking for German and English articles to extend the article database even more. There were so many websites offering reviews and workshops. Lots of them have disappeared. We would like to republish them.
Have you made a page which isn't online anymore or have you written articles yourself? Then please contact the editorial office of the Amiga Future.

In the meanwhile the preview of the Amiga Future issue 68 went online.

This issue is going to be released on 5th September as a German and English edition. We ask all users interested to order as soon as possible.

Dealers wanting to offer this mag to their customers should contact the editorial office of the Amiga Future as soon as possible.

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