New ffmpegGUI v1.0 Just released! Now includes VCD/DVD presets!

Date 4-Sep-2007 5:13:58
Topic: Software News

ffmpegGUI v1.0 has just been uploaded to OS4Depot. This version adds built
in presets and the ability to save and load settings among other things.

ffmpegGUI v1.0 is a GUI front end for the OS4 compile of the ffmpeg video
manipulation program.

Ffmpeg is a command line program which provides the abilty to decode and
encode a large variety of video, audio, and graphics formats while supporting
the changing of various parameters along the way.

Changes since v0.7 release include the follwowing:

Version 1.0 (Released verions)
Includes all previous changed since released Version 0.7.

Now packaged in it's own directory and includes a drawer with several
pre-saved Quick Setup files. The default SETTINGS_PATH tooltype is set
to look in this directory.

Version 0.9 (Not released)
Made video codec "copy" selection disable "Deinterlace" selection since
those settings caused ffmpeg to generate a DSI error. Also disables video
settings gadgets.

Modified the way "Quick Setups" work so predefined quick setups can be
saved to a file if desired.

Added Cellphone and several other selections to predefined quick setups.

Added ability to specify a save settings path via the SETTINGS_PATH tooltype.

Added ability to set the outupt file format/container.

Version 0.8 (Not released)
Modified Video Framerate setting so if set to same default value ffmpeg uses
(25Hz) then no framerate command is issued. This keeps it from interfering
with -target command and user set framerates via the additional options

Modified Audio Bitrate to work the same as Video Framerate above for the
same reasons. ffmpeg defaults to (64kbps).

Modified Video Bitrate to work the same as Video Framerate above for the
same reasons.Also changed Video Bitrate selection default to 200 kbps which
is what ffmpeg defaults to. Needed to change default becuase "No Change" has
to issue a -sameq command to override the ffmpeg default and keep the same
bitrate as original. This interfears with user input commands like -target
or settiing your own bitrate via the additional options gadget. Not ideal
but the best I could come up with.

Added 'copy' item to video and audio codec settings to allow direct, quick
copying of just the audio or just the video content of a file.

Added more commonly used selections to several settings.

Added Presets feature and included presets for Pal and NTSC VCD's, SVCD's
and DVD's.

Made several internal modifications to support presets and saving and
loading of presets in the future.

Add gadget hints to give users hints about various settings.

Added tooltype STACKSIZE to allow user to set the stack size for ffmpeg.
If ffmpeg crashes try increasing the stack. Default is 500,000.

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