Amiga Vs Spectrum in MicroMart: Champions Computer Final

Date 14-Apr-2003 0:14:05
Topic: Announcement

Sven Harvey makes the case for Amiga systems getting the glory of being MicroMart's computer champion. Colin Woodcock also summs up some of the Spectrum's good points. Which one should win? You can participate by voting at the MicroMart forums . Read more for Sven's comments on which matches have been won by both solutions:

Over the last few months the greats of the home computer world have been pitted against each other in the pages of the UK weekly magazine, MicroMart. The Mac was beaten in an earlier round by the Amiga and the PC knocked out in the same round by the BBC! The giant killing Amstrad CPC which took out the ST and C64, was finally subjugated by the legend that is the Sepctrum in the quarter finals, whilst the Amiga knocked out the BBC in its quarter final, and now its the final.

Can the Amiga really topple the legendary Spectrum? Only time will tell...

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