SFS (1.275) released

Date 7-Sep-2007 23:09:00
Topic: Software News

Joerg Strohmayer released a new version of the popular filesystem SFS for both OS3.x and OS4.x.

Recent changes since 1.274 include:

1.275 (29.8.2007)
  • Replaced mutexes by semaphores again.
  • Built for AmigaOS 3.x/m68k incl. 'SFS/2' support. To use 'SFS/2' partitions on AmigaOS 3.x you have to install SmartFileSystem into the RDB with DOSType 'SFS/2' (0x53465302), i.e. to use both 'SFS\0' and 'SFS\2' partitions you have to install the same SmartFileSystem binary 2 times into the RDB.

    If booting from 'SFS\2' partitions isn't required you can load SmartFileSystem as kickstart module using tools like LoadResident, LoadModule, etc. instead of storing it twice in the RDB.

Download this version from the SFS Website now.

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