Bitplane Editor Nicola Morocutti Joins Cloanto

Date 10-Sep-2007 17:44:19
Topic: News

Cloanto Italia srl, Amiga software developers since 1986, announced today that Nicola Morocutti has accepted an offer to join Cloanto's Udine team as a full-time job, with a focus on Amiga-related projects and evangelism.

Like Cloanto, Nicola has remained loyal to the Amiga and its community, supporting it through the most difficult of times and delivering on his promises year after year. In his new position, Nicola will remain the editor of Bitplane, the magazine he co-founded in 2001, and which remains one of only a handful of printed Amiga publications worldwide. Nicola is also a co-organizer of the Pianeta Amiga and Codex Alpe Adria events.

"Nicola adds 20 years of Amiga enthusiasm, experience, integrity and respect to our team. We are very grateful to Nicola and to all those who have supported us over the years and who keep supporting us now. We are working hard to continue to meet their expectations," said Cloanto's Michael C. Battilana.

"This job is an Amiga dream come true. Sitting next to me are the people who wrote Personal Paint and Personal Write, who knew Jay Miner, who kept the dream alive, and who after 20 years are still hiring for new Amiga projects! I believe that Cloanto not only uniquely embodies Amiga culture and continuity, but it has the vision, competence and courage to challenge the status quo and reshape the landscape. I am very excited to be able to contribute to this," said Nicola Morocutti.

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