ART Episode 9 - Military Spec Podcast

Date 16-Sep-2007 12:01:35
Topic: Announcement

ATEN-HUT! We're back again!

Streaming on Amiga World Radio Sept. 17th at 2pm and 4pm EDT (20:00 and 22:00 CET)

Show notes:

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald, Bill Panagouleas

* Fran Dramis Joins Amiga Advisory Board
* Amiga Inc. Launches Amiga Classic PC Games
* X-Amiga: Linux based EUAE Kit
* MUIbase ported to AROS
* QNX Goes Open Source .
* Pagestream back on track.
* New version of SMart FileSyetem Released.
* AISS V4 - Amiga Image Storage System.
* Obligement: New Articles & Amiga Future 68.
* New ffmpegGUI v1.0 Just released! Now includes VCD/DVD presets!
* MiniMig Pics at Amiga Forever.
* Hombre v0.5.
* Updates from Bill on his movie Oil Change.
* Call for guests and challenges go out!

Plus updates on Send ART to AmiWest and Amiga Int'l Kegger

Come for the show, stay for the funny.

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