Amiga Future Gallery Update

Date 19-Sep-2007 11:40:35
Topic: Internet News

The Amiga Future Gallery has been updated considerably the last days.

There is a new wallpaper section where users can put their own wallpapers online and make them available to others.

The games screenshots section is new aswell. We will publish every screenshot we have in this gallery. The first 1000 are already online.

Furthermore there are the already known sections for the reader's workbenches and computers where the users can post screenshots and photos.

Moreover we are looking for other names for this two sections. The ones currently used don't really sound well.

Subscribers of the Amiga Future are able to download colour CD covers for printing.

The English edition of the Amiga Future 67 has been sold out. But there are enough copies of issue 68.

Also we ask all users especially the ones getting the English edition to extend their subscriptions as soon as possible or letting us know if they aren't interested anymore. This would ease the planning of the next issue of the Amiga Future heavily.

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