Minimig v1.1 Bare PCBs available now

Date 24-Sep-2007 19:42:13
Topic: Hardware News

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our bare Minimig v1.1 PCBs.

The PCBs are manufactured in the U.K.
They are original style green mask and silver tin.


U.K. 9.95 + 0.50 post/packing.
EU 9.95 + 1.20 Airmail/packing.
World 9.95 + 1.60 Airmail/packing.

For convenience we are listing these items on Ebay.

Minimig PCBs on Ebay

Please note that this project is only suitable for those with advanced SMD soldering skills.

All profits from this run will go to TeamAros Kickstart ROM II Bounty.

Nusim Limited

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