ART Episode 10 - Double Digits

Date 24-Sep-2007 21:13:51
Topic: Announcement

No streaming till later in the week for this show, as I have to work. I'll post when on the stream scheudle page on

Here's Show notes:

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald, Bill Panagouleas

* Launch of the end-user version of Sam440ep
* Hyperion at Pianeta Amiga
* Back 2 The Roots is Back!
* Extra C= Show in the very south of Holland
*Amigahellas - The Magazine - Issue 2
* Amiga Future Gallery Update
* AmiPodder 1.7 released
* ECX 1.7.1 released
* IconBeFast 2.05

"Make Mine Miggy!"

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