DiscreetFX Partners Makes an Urgent Appeal to the Amiga Community

Date 25-Sep-2007 0:45:12
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Hello Fellow Amiga users

Like many of you I tuned to this weekends events at the Pianeta Amiga show hoping for good news and the availability of Amiga OS 4.0 hardware. And like many of you I was very disappointed to see that OS 4.0 is still not available and the stalemate continues. This deeply saddens me, in another life I was an Amiga owner and enjoyed it for many years before I became an investment banker and no longer had time for Amiga fun. Today I have no Amiga systems but still have hopes for a new beginning. When the CEO of DiscreetFX came to me in early October 2006 with an idea to raise capital and attempt a buyout of the company I got excited. We hashed out a plan to bring Amiga back on mobile devices. Not the now out of business DE stuff but instead with OS 4.0. Today's smart phones are like the early 1980's battle of different computer platforms fighting to gain market share and user-bases. In the mobile space there is no 90% Microsoft dominance and Amiga could have a chance. The desktop would not be ignored, each would feed the other.

It has been almost a year now and Amiga has not given us a formal response except for an outright insane amount to buy out the company. Since October of 2006 Apple has announced , shipped and sold over 1 million iPhones. Competition is good, choice is good, Amiga OS 4 should also be in that space. But why is it not? Imagine a price for Amiga that is so big you would not believe, then add some and you will know $$$. I worked hard and gathered up a group of investors with DiscreetFX to do an honest and fair buyout of the Amiga brand. Amiga would not be a lost leader to us or a tax write off, we want it to grow. I urge you the Amiga community, the sane ones to contact Amiga Inc. and demand that they sell the company for a fair price and let the Amiga brand return. Amiga OS 4.0 is done, the SAM board is done, please let the madness end.

We don't want Tao Intent, we don't want DE, we don't want Windows CE development in India. We only want what everyone else wants. The return of Amiga! The CEO of DiscreetFX and myself love the Amiga, it changed the entire computer industry. Please help me to help you. Urge Amiga Inc. sell to us for a fair price. We will end the lawsuit, we will end the fighting., we wil end the madness. If we were in charge Amiga OS 4. 0 would be available today on SAM. Software sells hardware but how can software be developed in the current atmosphere. What would a new and upcoming developer use to develop for Amiga OS 4.0? The CEO of DiscreetFX is very busy trying to finish a movie and does not have the heart to write this kind of letter but I do. The Amiga belongs in the hands of those that love it. Members of the community, people that believed in it from the beginning. People that don't own or love sheep.

I have written too much but I hope my message is clear. Help me help you Amiga community. If you need me or have any questions I can be reached on my private gmail account. It is my name @ gmail.com. Thanks for listening.

Tedd Gallion
DiscreetFX Partners

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