Alinea Computer: New products for Classic Computing 2007

Date 27-Sep-2007 19:51:51
Topic: Software News

Wehrheim, Germany, September 27th, 2007.

Alinea Computer are happy and proud to present at Classic Computing 2007 two new products; AmiWebView 2 and Alinearis 2. AmiWebView 2 is an advanced version of the Freeware program AmiWebView, which also has a new version. AmiWebView 1.1 is available in our download area (3).

Alinearis 2 is a logic game in the same style as its forerunner Alinearis. Aliearis 2 provides an additional mode of play and theme support. You can get a demo version from our download area (3).

Furthermore we will present AmiPhoto version 1.6 at the event.

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The following new products are now available:

AmiWebView 2 - the webcam manager

AmiWebView 2 (1) is a webcam viewer for AmigaOS 4. With this software it's possible to show and manage web cams with a very user friendly ReAction GUI. AmiWebView has different functions to record web cams and show them on your Workbenchscreen. For example you can create a time-lapse movie or you can display your current webcam as the workbench background.

AmiWebView 2 is available via E-Mail or CD. The E-Mail version costs only 5,95 Euro (incl. 19% Tax) and the CD version 9,95 Euro (incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping. Order at once from our OnlineShop (4).

Alinearis 2 (2) is a logic game for your AmigaOS 4. Your mission is to remove all the balls from a level. Alinearis 2 provides you with two skill levels, three modes of play and theme support for unlimited customisation.
Caution high addiction factor!
The collection was developed especially for AmigaOS 4 PPC-native. It does not need any additional libraries or SDL.
Please try the demo version (3) of Alinearis 2 to convince yourself about this great game.

Alinearis 2 is available via E-Mail or CD. The E-Mail version costs only 5,95 Euro (incl. 19% Tax) and the CD version 9,95 Euro (incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping). Order at once from our OnlineShop (4).

The two products are available from Monday the first of October from our OnlineShop (4) or from Saturday at the Classic Computing show.

We ask all customers to register their products in our Support Center (8). Please notice, that we can only give you support if you are registered.

Support CD
For all customers who don't have a fast Internet connection, we have created a Support CD. On the Support CD there are all Freeware programs and all demo versions. You can order the Support CD from our OnlineShop (4) for only a service charge of 3 Euro (incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping).

Alinea Computer website
On our website you can find the new section "Events" (5). On this page you will find all upcoming events that Alinea Computer will attend. Also you can find a list of all products that we will present at the particular event.
Furthermore we want to inform you, that we have two new service areas "Photography" (6) and "Logodesign" (7).


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