Amiga Roundtable's Open Letter to the Amiga Community.

Date 3-Oct-2007 6:36:02
Topic: Announcement

Amiga Roundtable's Open Letter to the Amiga Community.

Notice: Swear Words Are Present.


Over the last several months, ART has continued our podcast development and generally has been frustrated. This frustration has been caused by the crap that has spewed forth from Amiga, Inc and the fact that we cannot purchase a product.

In recent weeks, our frustration has been amplified by the latest attempt by said company to try to plead its case as to why they are the victim in this mad charade. Well, we're here to tell you, that being the little kid that runs up to playground lady pointing to Hyperion and telling her "They wont give me back my OS4", is not gonna fix it.

We're writing this letter to all our ART listeners, past, present and future. We've learned a great many lessons in the past few months. We've made a great many mistakes. Like not checking the settings before saving the recording session. We can certainly point fingers and blame our guests for distracting us and making us look like fan boys. And many people in the Amiga community that we have asked to be on the show have told us to stuff it. But this doesn't matter. Nor does cell phone content. Hell, one of our co-hosts still uses a Nokia 101 brick phone and uses an acoustic coupling to connect to IRC! OS4 longs to be on a desktop. We do not need guru's when trying to call our bookies. ART lost more than 20 bucks trying to advertise its name on a Guinness truck using spray paint when it was shot down by Mike who voted to tag his girlfriend's name on it instead. Rich is still pretty ####ed because he wanted to put HIS girlfriend's name on it. And trying to stop Sean from breaking into the truck to get at the Guinness... well, it wasn't pretty, let's leave it at that.

ART is dedicated to providing a voice to the disenfranchised and the scorned within the Amiga community, and to delivering a clear message to Amiga, Inc. that we will not take this wacko soap opera and finger pointing any more. Plus, all of us are on a budget for popcorn, and the butter is bad for our cholesterol levels. ART has always steered clear from the hyperbole that has been thrown at us from this company and will be hard pressed to ever be persuaded again. Simply because we can't find half the big words they use in the thesaurus.

No one wants to see a more polished ART recording than we do. We have tried more than three times to actually try and stop talking off topic. But some wise ass has to break out the beer. What many of you do not understand is that ART (still also known as Amiga Roundtabe Podcast, PVT,Inc.,LLC,Esq.) is really comprised of a group of amiga computing fans that all suffer from Attention Defecit Disorder, and oh birds!!!

For those of you who are looking at ART to explain just who is holding back progress - you all know far to well who that party is, and frankly we no longer are ever going to mention his name. To mention his name is silly - for we all know too well that he is a pawn - the true culprits are the board members who control his strings. We will no longer ever speak his name on our show. What is the point?

Plus we heard they are trademarking it and we dont have the kind of cash for royalties and licenses and ####.

New guests are indeed being bribed and blackmailed. And we have yet to master the ability to speak in the 3rd person for a whole show. And yes that has somewhat to do with the recent absence of Mike from our show, for he is the one we look to in formulating our carefully phrased curse words. As for the Amiga Kegger party, that could be resolved really quickly if Sean would get off his butt and pick a location that will kick it off on the east coast of the States. We have tried but he is still working far too many jobs to investigate and would rather drink 40oz bottles of malt liquor when he gets home.

Our last point concerns a recent post from someone at DiscreetFX making offers for Amiga. Why didn't they make an offer for us? We're good hard workers and willing to sell for a song! Why should sites like Flickr, Digg and get all the Web 2.0 money? We work very hard on this podcast every week to make it the best we can. If Amiga Inc. doesn't want the cash, well then, call us! No really. We're waiting by the phone.

Amiga Roundtable is making great strides in the production of our podcasts. We're begging more people to be on our show then ever before! Sometimes we even threaten them with violent bodily harm. Also, our recent re-addition of the Carrier Whistle podcast is open doors to more nights of trying to stay on topic, stay sober and not make asses of ourselves, so you can all be proud of us!

One of our frustrations lies with the fact that no one chips in for beer except Rich and Sean. They sacrifice a great deal to deliver on our promises. I want to thank the loyal listeners of ART for not finding us and killing us in our sleep.

"Boom-shaka-laka - May the seed from your loins be fruitful in belly of your woman."
-The Amiga Roundtable Team

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