New 3D Shooter for AmigaOS4 under development

Date 17-Apr-2003 6:43:29
Topic: Software News

The Amiforce website celebrates its 2nd Birthday and added various new unique material for download. Also a new 3D game has been announced. Read more for the details and an initial screenshot of its 3D-Engine, named Cruiser3D.

Taken from the AmiForce website:

Announcement of play (3D-Shooter for OS4):

A straight new play project is in development. Final result is to become a 3D-Shooter, which will appear for Windows and AmigaOS4. Up-to-date still on Windows one develops. As soon as the AmigaOne together with. AOS4 is there, can with the Portierung of the finished parts be begun.

Core of the whole one is already the 3D-Engine Cruiser3D progressed very far. After the out agendas development this engine lay it naturally close equal a complete play to develop.
The 3D-Shooter will appear probable in the horror garb. Here we did not commit ourselves however yet entgueltig.

A small cutout, the abilities of Cruiser3D:

conversion of Models(Charaktere) from well-known plays
like Q1, Q2, HalfLife, Serious SAM, unreal I + II etc. (so far those
Data formats were available)

Terrain from HeightMaps for outdoor levels

BSP for indoor levels

Dynamic lights, shade (shade 25% finished)

Mirror effects (about 50%)

Particle system

Pathfinder (25 % finished)

Flocking (admits from rolling and strategy plays)


Enormously high speed.

Planned also formats are such as C4D, Monzoom etc..

Over the following left can see one to her on the fast provided Scene.
To see are admitted (texturierte) models and other elements, which move.
The free camera travels are here unfortunately not to be recognized and the particle system are also only andeutungsweise to be seen.

The screen SHOT was made unfortunately very fast. It was very kuzfristig everything.
Shortly however further information to follow and also a range on Amiforce is furnished, over which the current status is communicated.

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