VCF East 4.0 video of Peddle, Herd, Haynie, and Russell

Date 6-Oct-2007 6:46:34
Topic: Announcement

Yow! Go for it! I'm proud to announce that the first 2 parts of the
Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0, starring CBM engineers Chuck
Peddle, Bil Herd, Dave Haynie, Bob Russell, and a slew of admirers,
is now up at Just type in the search for
hazydave and then look for VCF East 4.0 1/4 and VCF East 4.0 2/4.
Dave Haynie, master video and audio editor, has combined his and
my video footage to recreate this historic gathering of CBM talent.

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Here is part of what Dave had to say:


I'm starting to upload the VCF stuff to my YouTube "channel"
(channel "hazydave"). I broke it up into four parts, roughly 1/2 hour
each, to get around the 100MB upload limits on YouTube.

I'm also working on a very basic DVD... I rendered it yesterday,
but it came out a tad too large to fit on a DVD5, so I'm re-rendering at
a slightly lower bitrate.


I used as much of my video as I had, mainly because your camera
had some weird sync effect ... maybe CCD vs. CMOS, I don't know. I did
have another tape from my "pocket" camcorder, but you had better
preliminary video, so I used that, and a tiny bit of coverage during the
interview when I had to change tapes.


Thing is, this is a VERY cool interview... best one yet, far as
I'm concerned. Mr. Peddle pretty much confirmed everything I had heard
in story/legend around Commodore -- he is the true inventor of the
personal computer, as it came to be. Everyone else, from Apple to IBM,
just followed. That's a story that needs to be told again... it's so
easy for the winners to claim it all.. and that would annoy me even if I
didn't have problems with Apple.

Dave Haynie | On YouTube: "hazydave" channel
Chief Toady | Frog Pond Media | Audio/Video/Hardware/Software Consulting
"The Deathbed Vigil" on DVD, now!!

Excellent stuff!
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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