OlderGames announces new CD32 product! (fwd)

Date 6-Oct-2007 6:45:16
Topic: Software News

-- Fowarded message --
From: RW Bivins

...our company is happy to announce we will be shipping three
new versions of 'FROG FEAST' on November 15th. The new
editions include Dreamcast, Amiga CD32, and FM Towns

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>From RasterSoft's Homepage: "On August 20th, 2005 Frog
Feast was unleashed on the unsuspecting public, courtesy of
OlderGames. In the two years Frog Feast has been around, it's
been released on 12 different console or arcade systems.
Many of the supported systems are hard to find systems from
Japan, or other uncommon machines not owned by many
people. Frog Feast is the first release in many years on a number
of these systems. In addition, demos have been released on four
additional systems. Two of the four unreleased version are
nearing completion, which will bring the number of releases to 14.
The release of Frog Feast is a the realization of a goal set over
10 years ago; which is to support orphaned or abandoned game

To order your copy, visit: http://www.oldergames.knurdz.com/


RW Bivins | Creative Director

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