Ranger 1.4 Now Available

Date 8-Oct-2007 15:08:07
Topic: Software News

Grab the latest version of Ranger from OS4Depot and take a peek into some OS4 internals.

Thanks to encouragement and feedback from the Amiga community Ranger 1.4 is now available.

Here is a copy of the changes from the previously announced version:
- Added brand new icons (thanks Kenneth Lester)
- Added extension to README file
- Added public MsgPort display tab (thanks Paul E. Bloedel)
- Fixed a bug which caused crashes when Task list was refreshed
- Now moves the cursor up and down with the arrow keys (thanks Alex Carmona)
- Added wait signals display
- Added tabbed display of Tasks and Processes
- Minor cosmetic changes
- Disables weight bars if layout.gadget is 52.1 due to a bug in layout.gadget (thanks Joerg Strohmayer)

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