1st AmigaScene Party Netherlands

Date 12-Oct-2007 15:17:16
Topic: Events

The first AmigaScene party will be held on Saturday 15 December 2007 in Maarssen/Netherlands during the Commodore GG clubmeeting. Same time same place!

Area's of interest:
- AmigaONE (AmigaONE corner)
- Amiga
- Pegasos/MorphOS
- Minimig

There will be a special AmigaONE corner with network connections. You need to take your own network cables!
Classic Amiga's, Pegasos/MorphOS and all other Amiga related are welcome.

Location: Trefpunt, Kerkweg 21, Maarssen, Netherlands
Time: 10:00 tot 16:00 hrs +1 GMT.
Enterance is free.

If there are people who want to give a presentation please contact Ron van Schaik of Commodore GG or Paul Koster of AmigaScene.nl.

See also: Commodore GG agenda.

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