ExecSG shown running on AmigaONE hardware at WOA-SE

Date 3-Nov-2002 3:35:40
Topic: Announcement

AmigArt have put up a picture taken at the WOASE of OS4s ExecSG running on an AmigaOne mainboard. They said:

Hyperion Entertainment demonstrated AmigaOS 4 Kernel ExecSG on AmigaOne at WOA-SE Amiga show in .U.K. Click here for a photo of ExecSG running on A1 hardware.

Steffen Haeuser: "This 'Boot Console thing' is ExecSG running on the AmigaOne with a small console to be able to do some things already including:
- Showing that the Multitasking works (ExecSG is fully completed)
- Showing that the Virtual Memory already works
- Showing that it actually works on a G4 machine
- Showing that PPCBoot is used and what sort of data it gives about the machine
so this could be showed off before OS 4 is fully running - with all OS modules - on an AmigaOne. This stuff is also running on "old-style" PPC Boards since a longer time already, BTW."

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