The Vague #1 AGA-RTG edition is released !

Date 17-Oct-2007 20:09:10
Topic: Announcement

For all those who do not have Warp3D on their Amigas, we have released a plain
system AGA/RTG edition for the first issue!

There are some looses of quality when compared to the Warp3D version (no pixel scrolling, different effects, and all graphics are 8bit, not 24). But in other aspects it's the same Diskmag.

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Min system req: 030/AGA/PAULA/8mb. But for fast rendering of articles and AHI mode, 060-66 is preferable of course. You must to know that with version 4.0 of AHI it will be slowly when compared to AHI version 6.0.

AGA-RTG edition will also work on A1/Pegasos (RTG), but in fact that A1/Pegasos have Warp3D support, this release will make sense only for plain classic users, who still use the classic Amigas, or for Amithlon users, which does not have Warp3D support.

We have fully reconstructed our web page and are happy to present this to you.

Our official site:
aga & rtg edition:

You can also find new screenshoots on the web page, videos and music from both versions of Diskmag. We have also uploaded a video from Pianeta Amiga 2007, where the Warp3D version was shown.

In other words, enjoy. We also have plans to make an AROS version of Diskmag for the second issue and your contributions are most welcome.

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