Halloween FantasyFX Steal of the day!

Date 31-Oct-2007 8:25:47
Topic: hardware OS4

That's right, you read it correct, for one day only DiscreetFX will allow you to steal FantasyFX from us. FantasyFX will be available as a downloadable ISO image for one day only, on Halloween! FantasyFX includes dragon's and monsters so it is an appropriate product for you to steal on this scary holiday.

The following link will be active on Halloween for your enjoyment.


All that we ask is that you don't spread the product, download it from our servers and enjoy it on your personal VT system or SpeedEDIT. Also, if you like our commercial digital video effects and want to see us produce more, please click the donate button and give what you feel is right. And if you please don't mind spread the word. Let your favourite video editing magazine, publication or web site know about our special offer to the NewTek community so it can be covered as a news item. It is very scary free fun deal after all.

Don't forget to download it because you have less than 24 hours, after Halloween this scary download will disappear.

FantasyFX ISO does not come with any documentation or support but they are digital video effects, just drag and drop them into your editing work-flow and they work just like NewTek effects.

Product requires a installed VT or SpeedEDIT system to work. Even if you don't have a NewTek VT or SpeedEDIT system yet you might still want to grab it just in case you get one later.

Donations are not required but are appreciated and allow us to create more exciting effects for you!

FantasyFX supports the following NewTek products




Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

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