AmigaSYS 3 Plus Pocket PC , Amithlon , Page Update , and AmigaSYS 3 year!

Date 5-Nov-2007 7:03:55
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It's the third anniversary since AmigaSYS first appeared!
AmigaSYS 3 Plus Pocket PC PDA and Amithlon beta pictures, with page upgrade!

I would like to begin by sending a huge thank you to all of those who have aided me in my work, since AmigaSYS 3's first year. I'm very proud of what I have accomplished. :)

Is this the first picture of an Amiga PDA ? Almost? So it would appear, however, this is our AmigaSYS Pocket PC PDA version; the pictures of our first beta!

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The test: single Asus MyPal A620 400 Mhz PDA. Original AmigaSYS with settings; the boot took a very long time (nearly 4 minutes), the system had a flat background for this, and so more modifications took place.

In this present state : 400 Mhz, the boot time reduced to 1:40. After boot , all Workbench applications were totally and completely usable.

Amithlon beta screenshots!

Currently under testing is an Amithlon version based on the WinUAE version. Amithlon basis OS 3.9 setup is necessary, first version does not require additional files (USB, Net, etc..) Anyone who has an additional required applications will need to install it themselves. Basic Kernel is tested; setup and the themes work. There is no pre-set resolution; in this basic version, the pictures have 256 colours. Therefore, it will be necessary to select your own resolution at the end of setup.


AmigaSYS 3 Plus web upgrade.
They are modifications on the web page , the old information have been rewritten in some places , there are better setup descriptions, plans , and much somebody else...


Old slogen :
AmigaSYS is a pre-installed Amiga Operation System pack for WinUAE and for High performance Amiga Computers.

New slogen :
AmigaSYS is a pre-installed Amiga Operation System. Supported platforms: WinUAE emulator, real Amiga computers (68020-68060) , Amithlon, AmigaOs4/MorphOs/Linux/Macintosh E-UAE emulator, XBOX, and POCKET PC PDA.

I am asking that you use the new slogan, not the old one! Thank you.

Further development of AmigaSYS depends strongly upon donation.
Please support AmigaSYS; use PayPal or classic payment.

More infos, beta pictures :

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