ART Episode 14 - Bye...

Date 5-Nov-2007 15:02:56
Topic: Announcement

We're sneaking this one out. Been a busy week and I'm tired, so a short show. Still can't stream on AmigaWorld Radio, so just gonna release it for now.

Download at The Amiga Roundtable Website or our mirror.

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Mike Blackburn, Bill Panagouleas

* Bye...
* OS 4 Classic - Is it worth it?
* Fred Fish Memorial.
* Minimig v1.1 PCBs New Gold finish - now shipping.
* Raid of OS4.
* Rich is getting a Video Toaster for his A4K.
* DiscreetFX's Video Toaster deal is still going.
* C=64 Orchestra CD coming out.
* Horny MIDI Sequencer (Gotta Love The Name!)
* NES/Famicom Emulator for MorphOS Relased.
* Hyperion v. Amino Lawsuit gives us a giggle.
* xMAME GUI now out in the wild.
* Cloanto dontes to AmigaWeb.
* We reminisce about Petro.
* Rich gives Amiga Inc some marketing advice.
* AmiKit 1.4 Update.

Did I say short? Should have said tightly packed.

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