MindSpace 1.0 Released At Last!

Date 10-Nov-2007 21:09:47
Topic: Software News

Remember this? Well now it looks more like this.

Yes, the all singing, all dancing, all no-longer-crashing vector drawing, UML and Flow Chart creating, silly picture and diagram making application thingy for OS4 is now finally at version 1.0.

Lots of new clever stuff has been added since the last time we scrounged for your support. Exciting stuff like non-crashy Anti-Alias display, exporting to .iff images and plenty more. MindSpace comes with full and complete documentation, pages and pages of it. MindSpace also brings along loads and loads of example files and user MSO banks that you can use in your own drawings.

Speaking of example files and whatnot, we ran a little competition to draw out interesting stuff from you lot. Congratulations go to Frank K and Karl M who won 25 each and to Stuart A, Polombo D and Alan H won won a free MindSpace registration.

Phew, I think that's all.

Oh yeah, website.

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