Little interesting Open Source VGA Video Card released

Date 11-Nov-2007 16:34:53
Topic: Internet News

OSnews reported the news of a group of students releasing the open source project for a little VGA Video Card.

The Project VGA has these specifications:

- PCI bus interface (32 bit, 33/66MHz, 3.3/5V compatible)
- Xilinx Spartan 3 s400 FPGA (aiming for ~100MHz)
- 16MB SDRAM (aiming for ~166MHz)
- Onboard programmer with USB interface

Just another little jewel of Open Source Hardware Project and again from the Netherlands, just as Minimig.

(Really seems that there are plenty of talented Open Source hardware manufacturers out there in the land of sea-dams, tulips flowers, Edam Cheese and windmills ! )

As Amigans we'd like to comment this project because it is interesting and could be enhanced and also being used or integrated into Minimig Open Source clone of Amiga500 machine build on a 12x12cm (4,72x4.72 in) very mini motherboard using modern 68000 CPU by Freescale and a FPGA programmed to emulate Amiga ECS chipset.

Source: OSNews

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