Digital Universe 1.5 for OS4 completed.

Date 14-Nov-2007 16:56:49
Topic: Software News

The good news is that the desktop planetarium "Digital Universe 1.5" for Hyperion's "Amiga OS4" is finally completed and available to order in the UK and Europe.

However, Dan Charrois of Syzygy who is organising the online ordering and distribution system is away on business for a while, so that there will be no download system until the end of November or maybe early December. This currently limits sales to physical CD copies, posted to UK and Europe.

Users in other parts of the world would be best to wait until the online ordering and download service is available. Though it would of course be possible to post CDs to other areas, the extra cost is probably not worth it and the download system would most likely be available by the time a CD arrived !


When the online system is ready people will be able to order either via the "Syzygy" website (in Canadian dollars via credit card) or the "Digital Universe" website (in UK pounds via Paypal). Either way the package will be downloaded from Syzygy's secure web server.
Two choices of file will be available, an LHA file or an ISO image for creating an install CD. Both files contain artwork to create a CD label and cover.

Those in the UK will also be able to order by cheque for either the CD or the downloadable version.

Those upgrading from Digital Universe 1.03 (68k) will need to include their registration details when ordering or send their keyfile to amiga at syz dot com.

See and follow the Ordering link for more details on pricing and ordering a CD.

The other good news is that work has already started on v1.6 which will be a free upgrade to v1.5.

It is planned to handle updates using Simon Archer's excellent AmiUpdate utility, which of course does not mean updates cannot be obtained directly by people who for some reason do not use AmiUpdate.

All 1.6+ updates will be free to registered users.

Bill Eaves,

Note: This software is for OS4 only, OS3.x versions are not an option. It is time to look forwards not backwards. Besides DU 1.03 works perfectly well on classic systems already.

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