AFAOS 4.0 final beta.

Date 18-Nov-2007 22:17:38
Topic: Software News

AFAOS 4.0 final beta.

This is the final beta test version of AfA OS 4.0, which is running stable with
it's extended features. If you mention that a program does not show bigger than
normal borders (increased Bordersize) properly, please give me feedback about it,
so I can Blacklist these Programmes from the beginning in the final release.
These blacklisted programmes will then only use standard border size.

Please read more for features and further information!


You can select between Visualprefs, Birdie or AFA-skin system via AFA_Prefs and a customized startup-sequence.
Please follow the procedure that is given in the readme to do so.
(In Amikit 1.4 it is already implemented as standard)

OS4/PNG Icons can be scaled in realtime, due to a high quality scale code by Thilo Köhler.
On a Classic (060) OS4 Mason-Icons in 30 pixel size can be shown faster than in original size.
See provided screenshot of scaled Masonicons, on the right, Ken-Icons are in original size.

Added for "getdiskobject" and "dupdiskopbject" following tags "IA_Width" and "IA_Height" for scaling.

Realtime Skinsystem, which can switch skins without closing the screen for switching.

User-defined border size, for any window, see screenshot at the following link:

A user-configurable blacklist with tasknames of programs that do not work with increased border size properly, so that only AOS standard size will be used.

Many configurable real time parameters, like 3 different borderlines.
The user can alter the pre defined Skin parameter through a GUI.

Window Title Font is autonomously from AOS window font selectable.
Position of window title font, shadow and depth selectable.

The Skins consist of several images: Screentitle, all parts of the window border like top-, left-, bottom- and right-frame. For- and background for the vertical/
horizontal sliding controller.

7 Skins from Ken Lester are usable. Follow the link for a screenshot with 6 out of 7 of these skins:

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