AmigaSYS 3 Plus for Amithlon Released!

Date 20-Nov-2007 17:48:39
Topic: Announcement

After much night work, is here finally ...
2007.11.20 - AmigaSYS 3 Plus Amithlon Released!

Original AmigaSYS 3 Plus features! + new Amithlon features :

Contrib 3b GFX pack installed! powerfb1, powerfb2, powerfb3, powerfb4, powerfb5.

AmigaSYS not built in extra drivers (net,usb,etc), you need install it.

Features :

AmigaSYS 3 Plus Amithlon system req :

PC :

Minimum :
Intel or AMD CPU 300 Mhz.
Minimum 32 Mb Ram.
150 MB Amiga Formated FFS HD.
Kernel original.
supported Graphics card (3DFX Voodoo 3 or other).

Good :
Intel or AMD CPU 1 GHZ.
128 Mb Ram.
150 MB Amiga Formated FFS or other filesystem formated HD.
Kernel 2 or 3.10.
Supported Graphics card (Voodoo 3, or other),
Supported Sound card (SB128, AC97 or other)
Supported NIC Ethernet card (3COM or other).

Future :

Next AmigaSYS WinUAE versions, converting for Amithlon.
More compatibility.

The further developement of AmigaSYS is depending on the donation.
Please support AmigaSYS, use PayPal or classic payment.

see AmigaSYS official page
more infos , pictures, download and install guide (text+pictures)

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