AmigaNetCenter released!

Date 24-Nov-2007 0:19:03
Topic: Software News

I have finally been able to release AmigaNetCenter, successor to the original Sambamatic. This release is alpha, even though it seems to be stable. It could have probably been beta, but it is still missing a bit of functionality.


AmigaNetCenter consists of AmigaNB, a "from scratch" replacement for nmbd; NetCenter, which is a Client/Configuration utility for Samba, and the complete Samba2.2.5 binary distribution. Samba2.2.5 is distributed under the terms of its Gnu license.
It comes with an installer that (hopefully) will breeze you through the whole process. Included is a .pdf that provides instructions for any necessary installtion the installer could not take care of for you.
The goal of AmigaNetCenter is to take away the frustration of connecting your Amiga to your home network. AmigaNetCenter requires OS/4, and has been tested with Fedora Core 6, WindowsXP and Vista (Vista, unfortunately, seems to have issues with Samba2.2.5).
The archive will be found at Enjoy! Jim

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