It's raining TuneNet plugins!

Date 26-Nov-2007 17:17:51
Topic: Software News

Lately it's been raining TuneNet plugins!
Let me sum them up for you!

TuneSC68_plug.lha - A plugin based on SC68, it plays a lot of Atari and Amiga formats. It also plays SNDH files (The plugin currently doesn't support this though). I couldn't find any complete list of the supported formats, but I know it supports a lot of Atary YM tunes, and a lot of synthetic Amiga formats (Fred, Future Composer, Delta music etc). Download all SC68 music files in one big archive here!
I'll post a link to an SNDH archive when/if the plugin gets fixed.

TuneGSF_plug.lha a plugin that plays Gameboy Advance music! Download a lot of GSF tracks here!

TunePSF_plug.lha a plugin based on SexyPSF that plays Playstation music! (psf/minipsf) Download a lot of PSF/MiniPSF tracks here!

TuneAU_plug.lha plays SUN AU files!

TuneRA_plug.lha plays Real Audio files!

TuneACM_plug.lha plays Interplay ACM music. Sadly I haven't found any source for music in this formats, anyone?

TuneWAVE_plug.lha plays WAV files!

All these 7(!) plugins has been written by Fredrik Wikstrom aka Salass00.
Write this name down on a sheet of paper, pick up a red pen and draw a heart around it. Keep this paper under your pillow! Alternatively, send him some cash! :) This man deserves all the love we can muster!

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