AmigaSYS - OnEscapee full version, website renewed, more news!

Date 5-Dec-2007 3:12:18
Topic: Announcement

AmigaSYS - OnEscapee full version addon for Emulators (HDF) and real Amiga (ISO), website renewed , Pocket PC PDA version out , and more... !

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OnEscapee :

I started mailing with the team of Invictus, more than a year ago...
My request was simple, with the contribution of Ákos Diviánszky, Tamás Kozák, Levente Tóth, Tibor Mester, OnEscapee was released in 1997. The game is a Another World/Flashback like action-adventure, with very nice hand drawn graphics, music, animations. It is released on a CD (more than 120 megabyte, only datas no audio!), it won the game of the year several times in 1997.

I would like to make an AmigaSYS expansion set, wich would contain my favorite game, the OnEscapee, of course the full version! I made contact with Ákos Diviánszky and after several mail we cannot went forward. The problem was, the OnEscapee license wich was held by Sadeness Software and we cannot reach them. We cannot put the full version into the pack, only the demo.

In the recent days Ákos Diviánszky found me with great news, he found Richard Brown from Sadeness Software and talked with him about the Amiga version of OnEscapee. The main arcticle of the converstation was to make OnEscapee Amiga version freely reachable to anybody! The talking were succeed, Richard Brown agreed! So now I happily announce, the new expansion set of AmigaSYS is OnEscapee full version! It can be downloaded as HDF for emulators, but I did not forgot about the Amiga users, so the original CD can downloaded in an ISO file!

I thank to Ákos Diviánszky for the lot of help and the whole team (Ákos Diviánszky, Tamás Kozák, Levente Tóth, Tibor Mester) this wonderful game!

Info about the game, and a freely downloadable PC version here.

The INVICTUS Games kft official page :

Amiga version for emulator and real Amiga computers (+CD cover, CU magazine's 3 paged manual (english), pictures) :

AmigaSYS website renewed !

The language structure of the site has problems, but now it is fixed.
Two languages were rewritten and completed in several places.
Maybe there are smaller bugs, but there aren't huge messy texts.
The articles of the installer has been completed with pictures and it is now rephrased.

The upper header has a new forum link wich is changes by languages.
We have now an English and a German translator too, whose helps AmigaSYS development in the future by this, I hope there won't be messy texts on the site and the German part won't going into English.

The Deutsch translation will late a bit...

AmigaSYS 3 Plus for Pocket PC PDA :

Meanwhile AmigaSYS 3 Plus Pocket PC version is came out. With this the AmigaSYS platform tour finished, the planned 10 version is now complete, I hope everyone will find the most usable for his purposed. Use it, it is made for you, but don't forget, the future of AmigaSYS is in your hands, I making it to you, not for myself!

Further development of AmigaSYS depends on the amount of donation.
Please support AmigaSYS.

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