New versions of AmiPhoto and ANotice available

Date 6-Dec-2007 20:49:53
Topic: Software News

Wehrheim, Germany, December 6th 2007.

All registered AmiPhoto and ANotice users can find new versions of the
programs in our support center.

New in AmiPhoto 1.6
- Picture export: You can export single pictures in three formats (iff, jpg and png)
- New scale mode
- Shortcut for picture rotation and Rename added
- Horizontal scolling with Ctrl + mouse wheel
- Sort catalogue function added
- New screen resolution at the menu
- Fullscreen mode added
- Some bugfixes and optimizations

You can find more information about AmiPhoto on our website.

New in ANotice 2.2
- Updated loading and saving routines
- New transparency mode added
- Some bugfixes and optimations

You can find more information about ANotice 2 on our website.

We wish all amiga fans a great St. Nicholas day.

Support Center:
ANotice 2:

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