AFAOS 4.0 final beta

Date 7-Dec-2007 16:44:17
Topic: Software News

here are update files for the AFAOS 4.0 final beta

there seem all known problems fixed, in common terms thats called release candidate and not final beta.

This are the update files that should copy by hand to a previous installed AFAOS 4.0

fixed bug when use addaudiomodes to select 44 khz paula
Skin work now with OS3.1 (use new morelibspace REBOOT)
titleborder work when window title string is empty (pointer to 0)
flicker of screentitle on slow system is gone

only users that use zune before should use new zune_lib.exe.

And important hint:

Make sure you have powericons deactivate when use AFA iconlib

here is link to the old main install files

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