Point Rider Status Update!

Date 11-Dec-2007 0:32:23
Topic: Software News

Saturday, December 8, 2007 - posted by corto at 16:46
Inheritage of objects from master slide

It may seem to be a minor information but some whole slides are based on common objects put in the master slide. If this feature is not supported, the slides are quite desert ! Inherited objects from master give a look that is much more professional.

I consider all major features are now there. So why PointRider is still not available ? I have to fix some transparency issues, to check text properties, ... and of course to fix many bugs and asserts coming from side effects implementing the new features.

From 2 years, you know : a huge test session will be made but hopefully all tools are working well, with scripts to display PPS files automatically and recursively in directories. And I don't forget I have to update the converter to Hollywood projects. And maybe a MUI launcher.

Have a nice Christmas time, the gift will come a bit later !

PointRider is the only PowerPoint viewer for Amiga, obtained by looking into this proprietary format during so many hours. I found some help with projects like Laola or Antiword to understand OLE and a small documentation on the PowerPoint format.


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