Epistula Instant Messenger Update

Date 12-Dec-2007 15:54:07
Topic: Software News

Epistula Instant Messenger - Release v52.16

Just a quick release to get the public version of Epistula to the same level as the recently released Classic AmigaOS 4 version included on the CD.

So with this, there's new documentation and quite a few bug fixes thanks to Timothy De Groote's hard work over the past month. Thanks a lot Tim.

There is one bug left that I just can't track down... a crash occuring within a strlen() call, which I WILL have fixed for the next release. As usual the latest version it can be downloaded here.

It is recommended that you backup your epistula.xml and msn.xml files and perform a full reinstall of the package using the included installer.

Special Thanks
Wow, I have software on a major Amiga OS release. Very grateful for such an opportunity! Thanks Hyperion

More updates soon...

Daniel Allsopp

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