WookieChat 2.7 released

Date 15-Dec-2007 12:44:49
Topic: Software News

WookieChat 2.7 now available for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.0, MorphOS and AROS.

Lots of changes in this release. Optional graphical smileys with themes and smiley popup chooser, graphical nicklist, configurable charset support, unread messages counter, automatic changing back to primary nick if you're disconnected and you reconnect before your primary nick times out, various GUI enhancements and options, nick completion works in private tabs now, an alpha quality AREXX port, enhancements and improvements to the Colour Settings (loadable themes, pictures able to be used in backgrounds), the /away command now affects all networks you're connected to rather than just the one being displayed, the IRCNet and BitlBee networks work better now because Wookie is no longer hardcoded to channels beginning with "#", added a "Clear all buffers" menu item, attempting to open a private tab to someone when one already exists will not open a duplicate anymore and instead switch to the existing one, there are quit/join notifications in private tabs now so you can see when someone
you're chatting to privately has left IRC, added autojoin and nickserv password fields to the Servers window, bugfixes, and more.

Click here for a full list of changes in v2.7

Release Notes:

Graphical smileys have a transparent background under MorphOS and OS4, but not under OS3. For this reason, I have included two additional smiley sets with black backgrounds, and white backgrounds.

The ARexx port is very buggy. If you want to play with it, read the docs on how to enable it. But its turned off by default due to being quite crap. I might work on it in the future though.

When using listview-style tabs some users report crashes when enough tabs fill the display to cause a vertical scrollbar to be created. Please change your NList vertical scrollbar setting to "Auto" or "Always", as it seems to crash with "Full auto".

Zune is still a bit weird with WookieChat, i.e. when configuring colours, and when remembering window size and positions.

Some users have reported random disconnection. Turning off event sounds can fix this. It seems the datatype system waits if it cant play audio straight away, such as when the MAME arcade emulator is running. In this situation, when the IRC wants a response from your machine, it doesnt get it.

What is it?

WookieChat allows you to connect to Internet Relay Chat networks (IRC) and chat with other users in a text medium in real-time. Some of the server groups are preconfigured to join an Amiga chat channel upon sucessful connection. Executables are provided for AmigaOS 3.x,4.0, MorphOS and AROS. WookieChat is uncrippled SHAREWARE.

Download it from the WookieChat homepage, and soon from aminet.net and os4depot.net.

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