DiscreetFX Great Christmas 2007 Giveaway!

Date 17-Dec-2007 22:45:03
Topic: Announcement

Chicago, Illinois – December 17th, 2007 -- Every Christmas DiscreetFX LLC enjoys giving away lots of prizes to the Amiga Community. This Christmas is the best giveaway yet. We will be giving out the following items to randomly select winners that e-mail our sales department requesting to be in the contest.

1. 10 copies of Amiga Forever!

2. 10 copies of Aladdin 4D!

3. Three copies of ImageFX!

3. The grand prize one Minimig to a lucky amigaworld.net member!

With this many prizes everyone has a great chance to win and no purchase is required to enter. If you are looking for something cool though don't forget our Special on the Video Toaster 4000 card for all big box Amiga's (A2000,3000/T,4000/T) or A1200's expanded with a video slot. Only $199 while supplies last.


Minimig is subject to FPGA availability and will have to be built. Minimig winner should get their system on or before February 15th, 2008.

Good luck everyone and thanks for supporting DiscreetFX.

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

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