Amiga Round Table Podcast #17 is available for your listening pleasure!

Date 18-Dec-2007 10:58:37
Topic: Announcement or Apple iTunes

Merry Christmas from all of us to you. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Then Happy Holidays!

The listeners have been asking for it, and so we finally did it. We did a live episode on Amiga World Radio and here it is. Now there is obviously some audio issues, but that comes from the sucky DSL I have, plus the fact that my PC’s CPU was taxed while recording it. So please excuse the skips. We’ll try and do another live episode sometime in the future.

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald, Mike Blackburn and Bill Panagouleas

* CNN talks about Commie64 -

* New scandoubler for under $100 coming -

* climm ICQ client for Amiga -

* has a chance to win OS 4 Classic -

And more.

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