Santa has sent you Issue 52 of The CRYPTmag.

Date 22-Dec-2007 15:35:22
Topic: Announcement

CRYPTmas 2007 brings you a chance to win a copy of Amiga OS4 for
Classic's in our FREE to enter competition. Just pop along to Issue 52
and click on the link in the article to enter, is that simple.

While your there, enjoy the 82 other items we have for your pleasure,
like -

Teach yourself morse code on the Amiga.
Then build yourself an MPO (Morse Practice Oscillator)
XP Hack for low memory computers.
Recycled Circuit Board cufflinks.
Review Of Eco-Friendly Vehicles.
Strawberry Shortcake Napoleon.
Build A Guitar Out Of A Cigar Box.
Thunder in Concert.
Web Camera - A Multipurpose Tool.

Along with these and many more, we also have a nice selection of
Christmas items for you. Visit our CRYPTmas Carols page and listen
to the very best of CRYPTmas music.
Who could ever forget the CRYPTmas classic "Who put the Dick on the
Snowman?" or "Chipmunk's roasting on an open fire"
Ah! the very best of festive sing-a-long songs.

We're off for a festive break, but we will be back in 2008.

Bringing you the best online magazine on the Internet ... The CRYPTmag.

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