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Date 23-Dec-2007 23:54:23
Topic: Hardware News

Team individual Computers is sending "merry Christmas" to all our customers and business partners! In the past year, we have been working hard on the giant project "Clone-A", we finished the hardwaredesign of the Viprinet multichannel VPN router and we continued the development of drivers for existing products. For 2008, there will be a number of improvements.


First of all, we're happy to announce that Helmut Schöttner will join our team in 2008. He will be in charge of Amiga driver maintenance and software programming of new microcontroller-based products. Welcome to our team!

We are already working on bringing sold-out products back into the shops: Catweasel MK4, Indivision and Kickflash OS4 will experience small changes for the next production runs.

A few months ago, we have bought the "Micromys" design from Marko Herold. We have continued development of the C64 mouse adapter, and we'll release it under the name "Micromys V3" during the first quarter of 2008. High compatibility with PS2 mice will remain, and USB-mice that support PS2 protocol are automatically switched to that mode. The new adapter can be configured for different target systems by DIP switches:

* C64: 1351 proportional mouse emulation with wheel-extension
* C64: Joystick emulation
* Amiga: 3-button mouse without drivers
* Amiga: 3-button wheelmouse with Freewheel-driver
* Atari ST: 2-button mouse

Micromys V3 can of course be used on other retro-systems that use a 9-pin Sub-D connector for game controllers, such as Atari 8-bit machines, Schneider, Amstrad and MSX.

Competition PRO Retro still available
Although the USB-version of this successful joystick is sold out at the moment, the retro-version that we produced together with Speedlink is still in stock. Starting january 1st, 2008, the price will be raised to 14,99 EUR. If you want to secure the old price for your order, please place your order before the end of the year!

New product: MMC Replay
The demand for MMC64 continues to be strong. With the Commodore Scene Award that we got for the Retro Replay, the demand for this product was also boosted. We have to say thank you for the trust in these products, which are completely sold out now. We took the chance to merge the two products into one new, powerful cartridge, the MMC Replay. Many requests for changes and improvements have been collected over the past six years, which have all been implemented in MMC Replay. A complete description of the features would go beyond the scope of this news item, so we're only listing the most important data here:

* 512KB Ram
* 512KB Flash Rom
* clockport for RR-Net
* SD/MMC card Interface (MMC64 compatible)
* Freezer (Retro Replay compatible)
* extended freezer-mode
* support for native C128 cartridge software
* freeze/activity LEDs

Existing software that was written for MMC64, Retro Replay or the combination of the two can be used without changes. The new hardware features are activated by the completely re-written file browser of MMC Replay. You can now create and mount *.d64 archives. Flashing of cartridge software (for example Action Replay, Retro Replay, Nordic Power or Final Replay) is made a lot easier with the built-in flash utility. The extended freezer mode allows memory configurations that make development of new software a lot easier, but also eases adapting existing software (for example FC3) to this hardware.

Many customers reported difficulties with special models of the C64 or the C128. Up to this point, proper function on these special machines was either only possible after a long warmup-time, or it was not possible at all because the C128 is not 100% compatible to the C64. We have made the necessary changes and completed extensive tests with more than 40 variants of the C64 and C128 - even native C128 cartridge software is supported by MMC Replay!

We have already changed the design of RR-Net a few months ago. The new shape might have looked strange to some customers, but with the release of MMC Replay, our plan should become obvious now: You can now fit MMC64, Retro Replay and RR-Net into one standard cartridge case. Cartridge cases are available separately. Holes for buttons, LEDs, SD card and a networking cable must be made by the user.

MMC Replay will be available from our trade partners shortly. The price is 79,- EUR (recommended retail price incl. 19% VAT).

individual Computers sponsors tUM-Party
"The Ultimate Meeting" - the last scene party of the calendar year enjoys great popularity. The organizers are expecting more than 200 visitors. This year's party theme is derived from a popular western movie: "for a fistful of pixels". Learn more about this digital form of art on the pages of digitale Kultur e.V. (Digital Culture).

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