OWB - The first (in)complete modern Web Browser

Date 24-Dec-2007 16:57:34
Topic: Software News

OWB - Origyn Web Browser for AmigaOS4
The first (in)complete Modern Web Browser for AmigaOS4

I'm happy to announce that today we have a web browser for AmigaOS4 that supports almost all modern web technologies.

Since it is a project in an early state I'll write first what doesn't work.. Don't expect at moment Tool bars and all other things present in all browser. But i assure you that we are working on this. But i would release something for Christmas also to see your feedback about this browser.

OK. Let's go...

# Cookies: sometimes and on some sites login is impossible.
# Crashes: There are some sites that crashes and you could have some crashes on
exit. Don't send me crash logs.. the functions that crashes are known..
# Chars: Some chars like () in the Italian char actually are not printable.. :(
I can write to you a special version but is better to wait new releases
# Sites Display: 99% of sites works correctly.. but you could find some sites
that doesn't render well. On some sites you could have problem on window's
# Chinese fonts are not rendered (i think.. or i haven't found a right ttf
# Don't expect Flash/Movie plugins (at moment..)
# Sometimes the browser could send a bad request to the web server. Go back and
re click on the link
# Copy/Paste of text doesn't work at moment
#There isn't a scroll bar at momen
# maybe other

# IT IS FREE.. ;)
# Javascript should work on 99% of the web sites
# CSS and all web technologies work perfectly
# True Type fonts are used to display fonts (see notes on how it works)
# SSL works (see notes)
# It is quite fast also on A1200 (well.. doesn't expect the same speed as on an A1..)
# Is updated daily by the OWB developers (and me..)

Copy the fc-cache file included in C/ dir into your C: directory (even if is not is needed) and run it.
Copy the files included in the FONTS/ directory into your FONTS: directory
Copy the files included in the S/ directory into your S: directory
Mount the RANDOM: device from SYS:Storage/DosDrivers/ (or copy it into DEVS:DosDrivers/)

To launch OWB just click on its icon or run from the shell with this syntax:

owb URL

The first time you run it, it will search the FONTS:_TrueType/ directory to see what ttf fonts are available and create some cache files, so you may have to wait for some seconds, depending on how many files you have there. If you run fc-cache first, the owb launch will be fast

To navigate back and forth, use:
ALT -> to go forward
ALT <- to go back

Thanks to everyone working on or testing it!
Thanks to Mason and Kens for their icons!
It's Christmas.. remember me! :)

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Andrea Palmatè

File is availabbel on OS4Depot..

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