Amiga Forever Knowledge base updated

Date 22-Apr-2003 13:58:43
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Cloanto has updated their Amiga Forever knowledge base. This article discusses the usage of Null-Modem Serial Cables and Bluetooth Adapters. Another recently added article explains usage of Amiga Forever in combination with MaxUAE on MacOS X.

"On a Bluetooth-enabled PC, Amiga Explorer also works with a Bluetooth serial adapter attached to the Amiga serial port. The PC side must support the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile, which makes it possible to select the Amiga side as a standard COM port in Amiga Explorer. Depending on the adapter, no configuration may be required (the adapter attached to the Amiga serial port automatically runs as a "slave"), or, in some cases, the adapter must first be connected to the PC serial port and configured via the included software. Some adapters have a built-in web server which allows for remote configuration.

In either case, no Bluetooth software is required on the Amiga. A 9-pin to 25-pin adapter may be required to connect a 9-pin Bluetooth RS-232 adapter to the Amiga DB-25 serial port connector. Such Bluetooth devices can cost as much as $200.00, and include Blue2Space's blue2link, Sphinx Elektronik's PICO Plug, LinTech's Bluetooth RS232 Adapter, Inventel's BlueAirPlug, Laurde's Serial Port Adapter and SMART Modular Technologies' Blue Lapis Serial Port Adaptor (these devices are not endorsed and have not been tested by Cloanto)."

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