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Date 8-Jan-2008 16:17:04
Topic: Miscellaneous News

The 37th edition of the Amiga Games List is now online. It contains 12673 entries (1000+ more in comparison to the latest edition). The Amiga Games List contains all games (natives or interpreted), level editors, games editors, data discs, extensions and interpreters that run on an Amiga platform : Classic AmigaOS, OS4, MorphOS, AROS, 1000CS, CD32, CDTV,...

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The changes of this edition are :

- The list contains 12673 entries.
- The list is now in english.
- Addition of a help page (you can contribute at the list).
- Split of the "Developers / Editors" column into two new column : "Developers" (the one who create the game) and "Publishers" (the one who publish the game).
- In the "RTG" column, addition of the mention "(RTG)" to indicate partially RTG games or which could run on graphic board but which requires confirmation.
- In the "License" column, addition of the GPL3 license.
- Programs requiring a postcard or a specific object (chocolate, model railroad,...) are not included any more in the "freeware" license but in the "giftware" license.
- In the "Language" column, addition of games created with LUA, GrimE, AmigaDOS, Parallaction and Scala.
- In the "Language" column, engines/interpreters/constructors are between brackets to differentiate them from real programming languages.

Link : http://obligement.free.fr/articles/listejeuxamiga.php

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