Rebuild of OWB

Date 11-Jan-2008 10:11:09
Topic: Software News

Jörg Strohmayer has made a less memory-hungry version of OWB (Origyn Web Browser) for OS4.
It is slower, but makes it more usable on Amigas, and with less ram.
It is an alpha version, so take care.

From readme:

Rebuild of OWB with a special memory allocator, it's slower but needs much less RAM, on some pages 100 MB or even more.
I have only 256 MB RAM in my A1 and with this version most sites work, with Andrea's version I run out of memory even on quite simple pages.
For some very simply and small pages this version might even work on Amigas with 128 MB RAM, but 192 MB is probably the minimum to use it.

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