XTR - Xtreme Racing in the following packs of AmigaSYS!

Date 20-Jan-2008 18:58:14
Topic: Software News

The XTR or in full name Xtreme Racing was released in 1995 by Silltunna Software Ltd. (now Tuna Technologies Limited) In my opinion, it is the best racing game on Amiga, if you knows it, you know it is a real curio, with a wonderful playability. I announce it happily, by favour of the Silltunna aka Tuna Technologies Limited, the following AmigaSYS versions (WinUAE, E-UAE, Amiga 1200/4000, XBOX) will contain the full HD version (Game+Editor) of the game! A separate downloadable version will not included only the built-in version in the AmigaSYS.

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