NewsTek Episode 1 - In The Beginning...

Date 22-Jan-2008 13:03:56
Topic: Miscellaneous News

From the producers of Amiga Roundtable. NewsTek is the latest podcast from AmiZed studios, all about the world of NewTek's Video Toaster, Tri-Caster line of products and the digital lifestyle, and is hosted by Rich Lawrence and Bill Panagouleas.

The premeire episode is now live, and future episodes will be released monthly.

# New TriCaster model shipping
# NewTek Virtual sets on VT[5], TriCaster Studio & TriCaster Pro FX.
# Rumor that NewsTek magazine issue #2 will be shipping soon and 100
issues will available for free for the people that ask.
# Lightwave 3D still sexy after all these years.
# Lightwave Rendition plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
# 3D ####nal making LW3D even easier to use

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