New software for Cocolino

Date 25-Jan-2008 18:52:08
Topic: Hardware News

ELBOX COMPUTER has released today the new driver for the Cocolino PS/2 mouse interface. The new software is available free of charge for all registered users of the Cocolino interfaces.


The Cocolino archive includes:
• Cocolino.driver ver. 1.2
• CocolinoTest
• FreeWheel ver. 2.2.1

Changes in Cocolino.driver ver. 1.2:
- generating IDCMP messages for OS4 added
- OS4 parameter added for switching from NewMouse to IDCMP format

About Cocolino:

The COCOLINO PS/2 Mouse Interface is a microprocessor-based adapter for attaching PS/2 mice, trackballs, glidepoints and radio-controlled mice from the world of PC computers. COCOLINO can work with all models of Amiga computers. It simply plugs into the Amiga's mouse port. The COCOLINO PS/2 Mouse Interface is a full 'plug and play' device. No software is required for standard use (mouse movements + two buttons support). The enclosed software allows using two wheels and 3rd, 4th and 5th buttons available in many PS/2 mice and trackballs. The COCOLINO interface starts working simultaneous with the computer's start so mice can be used in the early-startup-menu (unlike the mice connected through the serial port). COCOLINO uses linear movement interpolation, which makes mouse movements perfectly smooth with any screen frame rates.

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