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WinUAE 1.4.6 released

Date 2-Feb-2008 15:15:14
Topic: Software News

WinUAE is able to emulate 68k Amiga models on your Windows PC. This version is the last one that runs on Windows 98/ME. The following versions will require Windows 2000 or newer.

Download from

Read More-

1.4.5 problems fixed:

- Mouse never capturing. (Windows 98/ME, rarely on W2K/XP)
- Some games crashing.
- Broken sprite outside playfields-feature and SWIV score information.
- Fullscreen mode with non-default refresh rate fallback problem.

Other bugs fixed:

- A600/A1200/A4000 IDE emulation freeze if >2G drive/HDF.
- CDTV E.S.S. Mega "semi-hidden" track now loads properly on W2K/XP.
- Crash when switching between <=2MB Chip + Fast and >2MB Chip setting.
- Sound emulation tweak. (Dungeon Master II, perhaps some others)
- Unstable NMI (IRQ7) option in cycle-exact and more-compatible modes.
- "Full-window" mode didn't always allow Windows desktop RTG resolution.

New features:

- Inverted mouse and analog joystick input sources.
- Input device (USB joystick, mouse etc..) on the fly insertions and removals supported. Device names saved to configuration file.
- Automatic joystick switching, firebutton 'inserts' any non-selected joystick to Amiga joystick port, mouse port selected if second button pressed or there is already other joystick in joystick port with firebutton pressed.
- Dynamic JIT direct memory allocation. Increased Z3 and RTG maximum sizes to 1G and 512M. (If at least 2G physical RAM)
- A3000 confirmed 2.04 ROM added to ROM scanner.
- CD32 FMV cartridge ROM added to ROM scanner. ROM and autoconfig emulated. Overlay and video/audio decoder chips not emulated.
- Directory filesystem ACTION_EXAMINE_ALL implementation is now more compatible with buggy programs.
- CIA/Gayle overlay emulation setting added to advanced chipset.
- Original early A1000 non-EHB Denise added to advanced chipset.
- Original A1000 (and early A2000) Agnus blitter busy bug added.
- Keyboard reset warning emulated and added to advanced chipset.
- Debugger improvements, hex/dec/bin converter, all commands that accept numeric parameters also accept register names (RAx,RDx,PC,USP,VBR,..), number prefixes supported, hex = 0x or $, bin = %, dec = !.
- 1M (both 0xe0/0xf8 and 0xf0/0xf8) and 2M (0xa8/0xb0/0xe0/0xf8) ROM image support.
- Implemented "stretch to fullscreen" filtering option.

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