Next generation AmigaSYS: uncut video trailer, beta pictures.

Date 3-Feb-2008 16:23:40
Topic: Software News

The implementation of the new plans into AmigaSYS was begin nearly two months ago. The first aspect is, as always, the interest of the users. The system has been changed in several place, a lot of unused function were removed, but a lot of useful function implemented instead of them (not programs).


All 3.9 theme will be removed and the v4 version of the Ken Lester DualPNG v3 icons from the old Virtual Dream will take the main role and a point in the new themes. The themes will support minimally 1024x768x32 and maximally 1680x1050x32 resolutions. The 3.0/3.1 uses these too, except to better performance on smaller machines, the 800x600x32 will selectable too.

There are people who doubt the abilities, speed, knowledge of AmigaSYS. So i will attach a trailer to the pictures. I think the pictures tell everything too, but a video is different after all. Instead of empty words, the facts will speak.You can see on the video, how the next AmigaSYS working. (3.1, 3.9, system, system speed, boot times, tools, utilities, music, graphics, games, demos etc...)

The feature list will be public with the release. Because i have a lot of plan, wich is not public now. The system is now beta and it isn't show even the half of the full version's abilites! Release will happen soon, visit the official webpage frequently!

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